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CSEM, founded in 1984, is a Swiss research and development center (public-private partnership) specializing in microtechnology, nanotechnology, microelectronics, system engineering, photovoltaics and communications technologies.

CSEM Lab Automation

CSEM masters the technologies required for liquid handling, robotics and automation, machine learning, and industrial vision. Combining these four competences brings genuine benefits. Imagine this system could reduce costs, increase reliability, and optimize quality, giving researchers time to release their creativity. CSEM makes this dream a reality by providing the next-generation laboratory technologies that will enable innovative applications in many disciplines.

High-Speed Vision Systems

CSEM has developed ultra-high-speed sensors with on board intelligence. These systems analyze what is being captured reacting instantly. They can be used in real-time quality control, in high-speed inspection or in any other industry that requires smart imaging. Their intelligence is implemented close to the source of information, allowing them to extract and transmit only the relevant data. Our cameras and image sensors have already been proved in multiple industrial projects.


CSEM IoT collects images, sound, motion, environmental data, health indicators, and much more besides. CSEM IoT combines sensing and embedded intelligence. It detects, monitors. It thinks, acts, communicates. And even predicts. CSEM IoT is really small, flexible, autonomous and almost invisible. It’s photovoltaic and respects its user’s aesthetics. It’s ultra-low-power and wireless. It can be fully customized, upgraded, and connected to other devices.

Intelligent camera system (multispectral)

The CSEM intelligent camera system is a combination of hardware and software designed to capture multispectral imaging. Compared to other multispectral cameras, the CSEM camera system is highly customizable to specific needs. It can be easily adapted, and used in your supply chain or, for example, in a drone. Our system saves time and reduces data volume and energy consumption because it focuses only on the data that is needed.

Additive Manufacturing @ CSEM

Today, Additive Manufacturing is rapidly evolving the manufacturing industry. Together with CSEM, rethink your products, simplify architecture, bring new functions, optimize performances.

Every step of the way CSEM’s strategic skills are by your side:

  • Product (re)design & optimization
  • Precision manufacturing
  • Materials development
  • Inspection
  • Reliability testing
  • Performance validation
  • Systems integration

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