Swiss Medical Network at Digital Day 2019 in Zurich

Technological advances present so many new opportunities in healthcare – from electronic patient files to surgical robots and more. Swiss Medical Network uses new technology and techniques wherever they are advantageous and safe. Our parent company, AEVIS VICTORIA, is also active in health technology, controlling significant stakes in companies like Medgate and Fluance, some of Switzerland’s most influential e-health developers.

Medgate is a leading provider of integrated home healthcare in Switzerland. The Medgate Telemedicine Center, Medgate Health Centers and Medgate Partner Network are all tightly networked and work closely together. Bringing together telemedicine, doctor’s practices, external specialists and primary care providers in this way means patients are guaranteed comprehensive, efficient and high-quality care. 

Fluance develops and provides software and services in IT for medicine and in e-health management. Digital technologies have been used in health diagnostics for over thirty years and now day-to-day health services are going digital, too. This trend has cleared the way for rapid developments in mobile apps and the use of other digital terminals. Swiss Medical Network is deliberately focusing on mobile solutions as a way to improve clinical processes and make the right information available in the right place at the right time. The aim is to provide the best possible experience and treatment for the patient and the medical professional. Flaunce’s display will show the many situations in which digital technology can be used in healthcare day to day. The medical and convenience benefits of using digital technologies will be on display, with examples from a diverse range of service providers – and these benefits extend to all parties.

Swiss Medical Network is one of two leading private medical facility networks in Switzerland. The Network boasts excellent medical infrastructure along with top-quality service provision and offers expert hospital care in all medical specialties to patients from Switzerland and further afield. 18 private healthcare facilities currently make up the network, spread across all three main language regions of Switzerland. Together, these facilities employ over 2,000 doctors and almost 3,000 other staff. They have a combined capacity of over 1,100 beds and perform over 50,000 surgical procedures annually.


Swiss Medical Network is a wholly owned subsidiary of AEVIS VICTORIA SA, which is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange.