Cybersecurity F*ck-up Night

Aargau companies and municipalities tell of their experiences with cyberattacks: What happened? How did they deal with it? What mistakes were made and what did they learn from them?

There is no more direct insight into the chaos after a hacker attack. What would you do if you discovered your company had been hacked? At the Cybersecurity Fuck-up Night in Aarau, you will gain insight into real events.

With: Omya Schweiz AG, Siegfried AG, municipality of Mellingen, municipality of Rheinfelden and more!

Have you or your company also been a victim of a cyber attack? The stage is open to everyone. Tell us your story. You don't need a presentation or script. Stand up spontaneously and let us share your learnings.

Only by sharing the lessons learned can we learn from them for the future.


Are you interested in the topic of cybersecurity in general? Visit one of our earlier program points or the supporting program in the Aeschbachhalle in Aarau.

  •     13.30-17.00: Workshop, How do I buy software solution according to my needs? (Hightech Center Aargau)
  •     13.30-15.00: Workshop, Application Security Coding, for advanced users (Checkmarx)
  •     15.30-16.15: Presentation, How do hackers work? (Checkmarx)
  •     16.20-16.50: Presentation, Using Artificial Intelligence to Hunt for Troublemakers and Attackers (Ateleris)
  •     17.00-17.45: Presentation, How can I protect myself as a private individual? (KAPO Aargau)
  •     18.15-19.00: Presentation, How can I protect myself as a company? (KAPO Aargau)
  •     From 7.30 p.m.: Cybersecurity Fuck-up Night

Parallel supporting program:

  •     Q&A with KAPO specialists
  •     Security query of the KAPO (enter your cell phone and email and find out who has your data)
  •     Cybersecurity game to play alone or together
  •     Phishing simulations for SMEs (digital boutique)
  •     Consulting and opening of the electronic patient dossier emedo (eHealth Aargau)


13/09/2022 - 19:30 – 22:00
Canton Aargau


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