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Business Model Canvas for Nature-Based Solutions

In this webinar about the “Natural Assurance Schemes” Business Model Canvas (NAS canvas) for Nature-Based Solutions, participants will be encouraged to interact and come up with concrete ideas for developing Nature Based Solutions in urban areas.

This interactive webinar will present a tool developed within the H2020-NAIAD project for the identification of business models for risk reduction related to nature-based solutions (NBS). The tool is called NAS canvas and it presents an adaptation of the business model canvas tailored to the specificities of NBS, and more particularly to account for the risk reduction value provision. The NAS canvas helps to identify the elements and actors required to build viable business models to catalyse NBS implementation.

The tool can be easily applied to any case, context or stage of development of an NBS project. It can also be very useful to advance in the definition of a business case to attract the interest of investors and stakeholders on the implementation of NBS projects.

Speaker: Beatriz Mayor (ICATALIST)

ACT on NBS Team: Julian Swinkels (TUDelft), Elena Lopez-Gunn (ICATALIST)

This is a Climathon 2020 pre-event.

This event will be led in English.

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