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Digital skills as the key to success

A conversation about digital know-how, learning opportunities and lifelong learning with Patrick Warnking, Country Manager of Google Switzerland, Evelyn Leu, responsible at Google for learning opportunities in Switzerland and Austria and Selim Akyol, CEO of eMarket.

Patrick Warnking

Country Director Google Switzerland

Patrick Warnking is Country Director of Google Switzerland since 2011. From 2007 to 2010 he led teams in the areas of media, games and entertainment at Google Germany. As a member of the board of the 'digitalswitzerland' initiative, Warnking has been committed to the topic of lifelong learning, especially with regard to digital skills among adults and young people, as well as in the business world. Warnking completed training as a banker and business graduate, earned an international MBA in Berlin, Milan and New York, and completed the Stanford Executive Program. Patrick Warnking has lived in Germany, USA, Italy and Switzerland in the context of training and jobs.

Evelyn Leu

Lead Education Projects ACH

Evelyn Leu kam im Februar 2013 zu Google und zeigt sich dort verantwortlich für sämtliche Google-Bildungsprojekte in Österreich und der Schweiz. Sie leitet den Bereich Partner Academy sowie die Bildungsinitiative «Learn with Google». Bis 2013 arbeitete die studierte Betriebswirtschafterin für die grösste Erwachsenen-Bildungsinstitution der Schweiz. Dort baute sie den Bereich Marketing-Weiterbildungen auf und entwickelte Lehrgänge und Zertifizierungen für die Bereiche Marketing und Digital Marketing.

Selim Akyol


CEO eMarket

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