E-sport: Tournoi ello Cup (Hearthstone)

An eSport (electronic sport) tournament is a video game competition during which several players or teams challenge each other on a specific game such as FIFA or Fortnite. The tournament can take place either online or in face-to-face mode with computers or game consoles. Players compete in an order and system defined by the organisers and try to get the highest place in the final standings.

Our ello cup, the first of its kind, will be held on Sunday 1 November online, in collaboration with VNV, ello and Xamax Esports. The competition will be played with the Hearthstone game.

The best Swiss players (32) will compete on the Hearthstone game and will try to win first place.

The event will be visible live : www.vnv.ch/esport and https://www.twitch.tv/xamaxesports

Canton de Neuchâtel
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