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Discover digital Switzerland: Live from Sion - Le Valais du digital

The Canton of Valais will organize several «tell» events on the occasion of the Digital Days, with the aim of encouraging dialogue with the population. 

For these 15 minutes live from the Canton of Valais, M. Christophe Darbellay, President of the Valais State Council, will exclusively explain to the population the digital strategy of Valais, emphasizing on the importance of education. Then, M. Sébastien Mabillard, who was in charge of organising the «tell» events, will give us a glimpse into some «tell» outcomes  - the perfect opportunity to hear what the population wants!

Christophe Darbellay

Government Council (VS)

Since 2017, he is a member of the cantonal government of the Canton of Valais.

From 2003–2015, he was member of the Swiss National Council, and from 2006–2016 he was the president of the Christian Democratic People's Party (CVP/PDC).

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