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Planning cool cities with tools for Nature-Based Solutions

Planning green cities in Europe is an important strategy to ensure that urban areas are better equipped to handle future climate impacts such as hotter and drier summers. But how exactly can green contribute to cooling the city and how to work together towards creating greener, healthier and more resilient cities?

In this webinar we will explain how green in the city serves as a so-called Nature-Based Solution (NBS) to address urban heat issues and we will describe the various benefits that nature provides. We will show that there are various spatial and digital tools available that can support the planning of blue and green infrastructure in cities. In this session we will touch upon tools contributing to the urban microclimate and on the NBS uptake to reduce heat stress.

This webinar is meant for a diverse type of audience like government officials, urban professionals, academics, students, citizens, real estate, decision makers, among others, who are committed towards developing more sustainable, greener and climate resilient cities.

Speakers: Reinder Brolsma (Deltares) and Claudia de Luca (University of Bologna).

Act on NBS Team: Monserrat Budding-Polo and Ilse Voskamp (Wageningen Environmental Research), Simona Tondelli (University of Bologna) and Helena Hulsman (Deltares).

This is a Climathon 2020 pre-event.

This event will be led in English.

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