Program Archive 2020

Talk: What future for our SMEs?

COVID-19 has shocked the world. SMEs, which account for 99% of companies in Switzerland and generate two-thirds of jobs, have been heavily impacted by this crisis. Digitalization has had a key role during this period of change. And yet, 90% of these SMEs have fewer than 10 employees and often do not have the necessary resources to adapt to the virtual world, to a new business model, not to mention the threats linked to cyber security. 
In your opinion, what is the future for our SMBs? What have they experienced during this pivotal year? Join us to listen to an exciting debate and direct testimonials from SMBs!

Line Pillet

President Femmes PME Suisse romande

Line Pillet is a professor of organisational systems, collaborative dynamics and responsible leadership at the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (HES-SO). Since 2019, she has been Director of the Entrepreneurship & Management Institute at the HES-SO Valais-Wallis, where she is involved in projects aimed at supporting the digital transition of companies based on the values of sustainable development, sharing and respect for human beings. Very involved in economic life, she is a founding member of the Cercle Suisse des Administratrices and President of the Association Femmes PME Suisse romande.

Pascal Meyer

Founder & Loutre in Chief

Pascal Meyer is the founder and owner, or as he rather calls him "Loutre in Chief", of the community-based e-commerce platform QoQa, whose success is growing steadily. In the wake of the coronavirus crisis and containment, QoQa launched the welQome initiative together with the Canton of Vaud to support hotels, restaurants, leisure facilities, viticulture and public transport, and unveiled an investment plan of 15 million francs.

Mario El-Khoury


Great defender of a manufacturing industry with high value-added production."In Switzerland, industry can no longer rely on productivity alone, it must innovate, innovate to excess".

Support for industry and SMEs that want to embark on digitalization.

Valéry Naula

Digital Business Manager

Valéry Naula is driving the digital transformation of Plumettaz - a global leader in the design, production and distribution of telecommunication and energy cable installation equipment. He is developing and rolling-out a complete portfolio of innovative cloud-based solutions connected with field machines.

Valéry has also been on board the start-up Geroco SA, active in the field of cleantech. He is an Electronic Engineer and holds an EMBA in Management. His expertise lies in the fields of business development, innovation, embedded systems, digital services and Industry 4.0.

Raphaël Conz

Head of the Business Unit, Service for the Promotion of the Economy and Innovation (SPEI)

Raphaël Conz is the Head of the Business Unit, Service for the Promotion of the Economy and Innovation (SPEI) at the Canton de Vaud.