Why Switzerland needs the World: Global Dimensions of Digital Innovation

The disruptions caused by COVID-19 have led to an acceleration in the digitization of all major aspects of life – and has brought to light who the laggards are, and who leads the charge. For a small country like Switzerland, looking outside and connecting with the most thriving hubs of innovation around the world is crucial to future-proof the economy and be prepared for impending disruptions. A continuous engagement with the world’s hotspots of technology – such as the Silicon Valley, Boston, or Shanghai – has become imperative for companies to read the signals of the future, and strategically engage in digital transformation.

In this Tell event, you will get the chance to learn from two leading Swiss corporations how they engage with the world’s most important innovation hubs, and how they leverage the swissnex Network – Switzerland’s official network of innovation outposts – to future-proof their business. 

Organised by swissnex Boston & swissnex San Francisco

Pascal Marmier

Head SRI Engagement Americas

Pascal Marmier is Head of Strategy for iptiQ, a platform powered by Swiss Re to deliver end-to-end solutions and solve key value chain issues for distributors and carriers. Before joining iptiQ, Pascal was Head of Engagement Americas at Swiss Re Institute leading client engagement, innovation management support, and business development. Pascal joined Swiss Re in 2017 to lead the Digital Analytics Catalyst team in Boston working on data innovation.

Before joining Swiss Re, Pascal was the CEO and Vice Consul General of Switzerland in Shanghai at swissnex China. Being passionate about helping entrepreneurs and innovators, Pascal developed many programs for startup and corporate executives looking to grow their teams and partnerships abroad. 


Andreas Jossen

Head of Technology & Innovation Outpost San Francisco

Andreas represents Switzerland's largest mobility provider SBB CFF FFS in Silicon Valley. His mission is to find and connect the best startups to the railway business and to open new business opportunities.

Andreas is an Innovation and Business Development professional with experience in the Mobility and Telecommunications industry. He is passionate about startups and engaging with technology and innovation leaders to discover business opportunities.

Thierry Golliard

Director of Open Innovation and Venturing

Thierry is Director of Open Innovation and Venturing of Swiss Post. In this role, he has been developing open innovation initiatives with external partners as start-ups, universities and accelerators in Switzerland, Germany, France, Israel, the US and China. These innovation ecosystems enabled disruptive projects as, amongst others, the deliveries by drones and the autonomous shuttles. Furthermore, he is managing the strategic venture capital funds of Swiss Post. Thierry holds several Masters in Economics and Technology from the University of Fribourg, EPFL and UC Berkeley

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17:00 - 18:00
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