Women in Textiles & Technology Today

Encounters between contemporary art practice and traditional and textile design and production have brought about new innovations in the fields of art, design, architecture, literature, the performing arts. This talk between three contemporary women artists, each taking diverse approaches to the use of textile in the arts, aims at promotIng artistic discussion around the subject of textile and culture with the goal of creating a fruitful exchange between those who practice arts, those how admire them, and those who are interested in discovering how traditions meets technology and social practice. Ursula Walburger will speak on embroidery in the age of computer-assisted image processing and on her attempts to integrate concepts of "fog" "blur" or "dissolution" into things embroidered. While remain close to the use of textiles, Regina Frank's large tapestries and dresses are vehicles of communication, literally ad-dressing current environmental and human issues, focusing on raising awareness and showing possible solutions. She transforms text into textile, making data tangible and thus touch us. Working between arts and science, Equally at home in the laboratory as the art studio, Anna Dumitriu will discuss the concepts and processes behind her textile-based artworks which explore infectious diseases, synthetic biology and genomics . She will describe key works including her “Plague Dress”, embedded with real plague DNA and her silk artworks involving CRISPR genetic modification and antibiotic resistance.

26.10.2021, 15:00 – 16:30