Podcast Challenge

Learn about podcasting by tuning into Podcast Challenge - a podcast where we explore from A to Z how to create a stand out podcast. In this 6 part series you will hear from some of the most prominent experts in podcasting, while following two student groups (Bachelor Business Informatics) from HWZ who will make their own podcast about Blockchain and Big Data.

This podcast is a collaboration between Digital Day, Podcast Tower and HWZ. The Podcast Tower is a public recording studio located at Kraftwerk, developed especially for podcasts.


Our podcasters

Katarina Hagstedt

Katarina Hagstedt is the host of the podcast challenge. She is the co-founder of Podcast Club Switzerland and founder of Podcast Tower Zurich. Katarina is an award winning podcast producer and founder of Tinka Media GmbH.

Isabel & Havanna

Isabel Piesbergen and Havanna Fernandez both study business information technology part time at HWZ. Isabel is working as a Service and Project manager in a DevOps Company called VSHN AG in Zurich (https://www.vshn.ch/), and Havanna works as a Project Manager in Cyber Defense at InfoGuard AG.

Silvana, Ernesto & Rea

Silvana Cucu, Rea Vogel and Ernesto Escalier all study business information technology part time at HWZ. Silvana works as IT Project Manager at Polizei Basel-Landschaft and Rea works as a Business Manager at Bank Julius Baer.

Our experts

Sven Preger

Sven Preger is an award winning journalist, story coach and author of the book “Storytelling for Radio and Podcasts”. He is the editor in chief of the WDR’s podcast Quark Storys, a podcast that adds storytelling to science. Sven is based in Bonn, Germany.

Rose Rimler

Rose Rimler is based in New York City and is a producer of the podcast Science Vs. She interviews experts and scientists on a regular basis, and in this expert session she shares some great tips on how to make experts sound great when you interview them.

Adele Humbert

Adele Humbert is an independent podcast producer and investigative journalist based in Paris. She is the CEO of Insider Podcast where she has made co-productions with Audible France and Radio France. 

Micah Schweizer

Micah Schweizer worked 17 years as an award-winning broadcast journalist and producer at public media in the US. Now he is Head Of Communications at the Crowther Lab at ETH Zürich.