TechSpark Academy

TechSpark Academy is a leading provider of technology education in Switzerland, working with schools all over the country. Working with motivated students from ETHZ & EPFL on a mission to spark curiosity and introduce children to coding fundamentals in an interactive and engaging way - providing them with invaluable tools of learning & innovating with the power of technology.

In a world shaped by science, technology and innovation, we believe that early interaction with the latest technology is the best way to prepare children for their future, irrespective of education or career path. Indeed, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 65% of kids today will be in jobs that have yet to be invented.

TechSpark Academy strives to spark curiosity and the learning process by introducing kids to industry-standard software and tools used to build apps, websites or games, robotics and much more…

Our mission is to empower students with an understanding of our digital world and a desire to learn.

Our children's future is inevitably tech-filled, yet traditional education rarely reflects this, failing to equip kids with increasingly in-demand skills.

We aim to counteract this by offering fun and up-to-date courses to 8- to 18-year-olds. Whether the child is passionate about technology or just curious, there’s a spot for them at TechSpark Academy!

Covering 7 different STEM areas, our interactive courses are delivered in small groups (1:5 instructor-student ratio) by expert instructors following a hands-on approach. Children will be encouraged to think, create and develop curiosity for what’s powering the future.

Courses are delivered in different formats – camps, after-school sessions and workshops – but with the same objective: spark interest in technology and prepare children to thrive in tomorrow’s digital world.

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