CryptoMondays Zürich - Digital Days edition

!This special event will take place Tuesday 20 September!

This CryptoMondays is part of the nationwide Swiss Digital Days events series.

There are only limited seats for this event. In order to participate, please sign up via

CryptoMondays is a decentralized global community that shares a passion for Blockchain, Web3, Bitcoin, and Crypto topics and how it's going to change the world in dramatic ways. There is no content at Crypto Mondays other than like-minded people sharing their views, networking, learning, and having a great time together. CryptoMondays was launched in 2018 in New York by Lou Kerner and now has members and visitors across the globe in over 70 cities.
CryptoMondays Mission Statement:

  • Increase engagement with blockchain through live events in every city in the world.
  • Provide education around crypto and Web3 topics.
  • Be the world’s largest community of Web3 enthusiasts.
  • Promote blockchain literacy and adoption amongst the global community for a more sustainable and healthy ecosystem.


20/09/2022 – 19/09/2022 - 18:00 – 21:00
Trust Square