Tapping your innovation potential with digital tools and methods

There are many online tools, such as Miro, Zoom, or Typeform, that are designed to help bring (virtual and distributed) teams, customers, and partners together and support them in organizing, finding, and shaping innovative ideas. But which tools are suitable for which work? How do you use them correctly so that the time available can be spent generating added value rather than administering technology? And which methods should be used to optimally integrate these tools into the team's daily routine?

Digitalization brings with it many opportunities to develop better and more innovative solutions, but also some challenges. Have you ever had the feeling that you spend half of your precious collaboration time not on effective work, but on the new digital tool? It's important to learn to recognize where the so-called "sweet spot" is - that's where the tools support you and your team, instead of bogging you down with digital administration and cumbersome processes. 

In this hands-on workshop, you will gain an overview of current digital tools and learn new methods (design thinking, visualizing, design sprint) to use these tools more efficiently for teamwork. It is our goal that you will be able to better collaborate with your team, your customers and your partners across industries and topics. All participants should gain first experiences and learn how to transfer what they have learned to their own daily work. Bring your laptop and join in!

Organizer: amplilabs

Moderation: Emilie Etesi


Canton Aargau
German, English


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