Fostering Digital Health through VR Meditation: Risks & Opportunities

Join me in this workshop to discuss how virtual reality can help improve health. There are various applications in the market that provide an immersive experience with guided meditations to help people relax and reflect. What risks do these forms of digital health may represent for different groups in society? What are the advantages of this type of health approach? What challenges exist in their use and adoption? What expectations do we have for applications of this kind to help us improve our quality of life?
In this workshop, we will reflect on these questions, review selected VR applications for guided meditation, and discuss in the group the risks & opportunities of these technologies for advancing the state of our health, aided with digital tools & communities.

Looking forward to greeting you at the event!


11.11.2023 - 09:30 – 12:00
Johanny Pestalozzi
Digital Xchange