GreenTech Startup Battle - Romandie

Switzerland is home to innovation. The GreenTech Startup Battle showcases the sustainable ideas of young and bright entrepreneurs and how they want to change the future.

3 selected startups from Romandie will present how they create an impact, preserve, and protect natural resources. With the format, we connect and strengthen regional startup ecosystems and give them the opportunity to get in contact with established companies and public institutions.

On stage in this session are:

Mobbot: Mobbot develops new technologies for the digitalization of shotcrete processes

Resilio: Resilio support companies in their sustainable digital transition.

Droople SA: Building the Internet of Water

The experts of this regional GreenTech Startup Battle – Romandie are Raphaël Conz, Marcel Egger, and Beatrice Schaffner; it will be moderated by Lukas Krienbühl.

The GreenTech Startup Battle is presented by Innosuisse, operated by digitalswitzerland, supported by Trust Square, Amag Innovation Venture Lab, SICTIC, economiesuisse and powered by the canton de Vaud.