Digital responsability, give a second life to your smartphone or tablet

Presentation of the "Responsible Digital" label and the "no Swiss Programmed Obsolescence" (noOPS) initiative.

Free session of approximately 90 minutes to discover how to give a second life to your tablet or smart mobile phone (smartphone). Our speakers will help you discover the life cycle of your favorite digital device from its manufacture to its end of life.

This includes talking about the pollution caused by the manufacture of these devices, their electrical consumption, how to give a second life to your devices and finally, if irreparable, how to use these devices as a resource for the materials they contain.

While Switzerland has 8.7 million inhabitants, there are more than 11 million subscriptions or prepaid cards in circulation and the recycling potential is underestimated.


28.09.2022 - 11:00 – 12:30
Ville de Lausanne