During the sixth edition of the Swiss Digital Days, which will run under the theme „Together we create the digital future“, we will explore the technologies of AI-based art creation and the associated minting of NFTs. These two technologies will be combined in a touchscreen art generator, which will tour throughout Switzerland on a large-scale roadshow with 21 locations beginning from the 5th of September 2022 until the 27th of October. 

Population creates largest digital artwork in Switzerland
We invite the public to participate in one of the world's largest collaboratively created digital artworks. Here's how it works: The artists can choose two terms related to digitization and Switzerland. A state-of-the-art artificial intelligence then transforms them into a digital piece of art. We expect about 8000 - 10000 unique artworks to be created by the Swiss population during the Digital Days.

In the end, they can download the corresponding artwork created with AI (for personal, non-commercial use)  and become part of the next Swiss Crypto Stamps edition, issued by the Swiss Post. Participants will be able to register via e-mail address in order to be informed by the Swiss Post of what is happening with their artwork and the project itself further along the road. 

These artworks will be brought together in a large mosaic as the largest participatory NFT in Switzerland, which will then be auctioned off for a good cause at the closing event of the Swiss Digital Days.