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More and more devices in our homes are getting "smart" - TVs, thermostats, lights, even washing machines. MOOST helps people with such smart devices save energy with no sacrifice in comfort. Our recommender engine identifies smart controls based on each individual household's devices, routines, and context and suggests them via the existing smart device's app.

Organic Mondays

Organic Mondays is a subscription service delivering 100% plastic-free period products.  With a one-time online registration, we deliver a personalized selection of organic cotton tampons, pads, and pantyliners direct to your door.  Organic Mondays is an authentic Swiss brand by women on a mission to make plastic-free periods easy.


Current composite materials are sensitive to cracks, need expensive maintenance and are hard to recycle. Our solution cuts repair time from hours to minutes, extends product-life and makes the recycling process more efficient. CompPair brings on the market healable and sustainable composite material solutions to improve circularity.

Swiss Vault

Data is growing exponentially. Data storage consumes 2% of the world's energy production. Swiss Vault designs and builds data management hardware and software to dramatically decrease the space and energy for data storage.  We reduced the complexity of data systems so that customers can easily manage their data operations for the long-term.


Confusion,  change of personality, long-term cognitive decline – these are symptoms of postoperative delirium. Postoperative delirium affects 30% of patients over the age of 60 undergoing surgery, making it the most common post-surgical complication. There is no treatment, but if we know who’s at risk, it is preventable. That’s why we’re developing an AI-powered, pre-surgical risk assessment tool that highlights patients at risk.


Sympheny empowers energy planners with a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform to support the optimized energy planning of neighborhoods, campuses and urban districts.  At the core of this software are our powerful algorithms, which enable energy planners to identify the optimal energy supply solution for any site, faster and more accurately than ever before. 


Our software PowerQuartier empowers energy providers to set up energy communities in their distribution areas. Community members can directly buy renewable energy from their neighbors, which makes investing in the energy transition simple and fun! We now sell the billing software PowerQuartier including a white-label user app in a SaaS model to energy providers.


AIDONIC is a global ecosystem connecting all actors of the humanitarian and development field into one platform. Through crowd-donating funds can be raised and immediately transformed into digital aid vouchers, entitlements, or digital cash allowing relief organizations to distribute them within seconds to the intended end-beneficiaries, in the most transparent and efficient way.

Seniors at work

40% of retired people in Switzerland want to continue working and at the same time, one out of four SMEs and startups in Switzerland states that they are struggling to find the right people for their open positions. seniors@work is the new online job network for retired talents which connects them efficiently in just a few clicks with employers through the smart online platform.


Droople is a B2B IoT swiss based startup that digitizes 36+ billion water based assets off radar today including water treatment systems, sanitary ware and appliances to remotely monitor them, predict their maintenance, extend their lifetime and reduce water and energy wastes.

Green Y

Green-Y stores electricity and creates renewable heat and cold, all in one decentralized device. A profitable and efficient system results that works with air and water only and is 100% recyclable.

Live Track

Live Track reduces B2B greenhouse-gas emissions by eliminating unnecessary B2B truck and car driving. We forecast the optimum driving-time by using technology on remote-sites like fill-level-sensors, and intelligent routing-algorithms on our platform. This helps product-suppliers, waste-companies, and service providers to work more efficiently and increase service-quality to their customers.


NALA’s vision is to empower 2 billion people worldwide with eczema and other chronic skin conditions to live a healthier and happier life. We provide the AI- and app-based digital therapy in the form of an app that helps patients to understand their skin MUCH better creates personalized therapy plans and also helps them to implement those recommendations in their daily lives. 

Smart Helio

We have developed a cost-effective advanced IoT and AI-based diagnostic analysis which helps solar plants to detect fault early and help produce 20% more energy and reduce CO2. We also provide an online training module along with our cloud platform which helps to get trained. Our vision is to accelerate the adoption of clean energy in our society using IoT and AI data analytics. 


BeWear entails the first artificial intelligence software that creates sewing patterns on-demand, based on a 3d body scan via smartphone. Our patented algorithm transforms the individual 3d scan into a physical moving avatar, on which the personal AI sewing patterns are generated with a 100% fit optimization - without any gentrification, exclusions, or size zero ideologies.