The Final

The finalists for this year’s Startup Battle were….

Amplify (Public Voting Awarded)


Smeetz (Winner 2021 of the Startup Battle)


Witty Works | Unlock diversity with inclusive language


The episodes of last weeks

The idea

Switzerland is home to innovation. The Startup Battle showcases the ideas of young and bright entrepreneurs and how they want to change the future.

15 selected startups from Switzerland present how they create an impact. The jury and the audience decide on the 5 finalists, who pitch in front of an exclusive jury for the win. The rules: Every startup has 90 seconds time to pitch their idea and to convince you!

The Startup Battle is presented by Innosuisse, operated by Sictic and digitalswitzerland, and supported by Swisscom, Amazon Web Services and Canton de Vaud.

Presenting Partner

The initiators

Presenting Start-ups


Amplify - a digital platform to launch an advertising campaign as simple as a classified ad but with all the power of digital marketing. Amplify makes advertising for the rest of us a reality

Animatico AG

Animatico creates the next-generation user interface by combining stylized characters with artificial intelligence and voice control, creating a seamless way of interacting with digital devices.


The Swiss address for artificial intelligence AVA-X is a leader in facial recognition applications. We offer solutions for identifying people through artificial intelligence.


We are the truth behind the product.


We offer patients who need to take many medications a day an all-round care-free service that takes care of all inconvenient tasks associated with managing medication, so they can finally focus on more pleasant things in life.


Dpendent, designs and sells Unmanned drone Ground Handling Stations (UGHS) enabling fully autonomous 24/7/365 flight and payload manipulation.


Enlightra develops cost- and energy-efficient multicolor lasers to revolutionize high-capacity data transmission and optical computing.


IMVERSE will lead the live Metaverse.
Join Twitch, a smartphone call, a XR collaboration session as a hologram!


iCEEP is a reverse e-commerce platform for consumers to give the products they don't use anymore a purposeful second life. We developed the digital tools needed to communicate with consumers and close the product loops for brands.


We solve one of the largest financial problems of our time: the missing possibility to easily build up wealth due to negative interest rates. As investing is the only option to earn interest in today's world, Kaspar& seeks to offer a radically accessible investment experience.

matriq AG

matriq has invented the unique watermark for plastics: marking products right inside the forming machine, for traceability, identity, brand trust, and industry 4.0.


Smeetz is the #1 data-driven ticketing and dynamic pricing SaaS that helps cultural and tourism providers optimize their revenue and inventories.


Secure and intelligent human-machine interface.

Witty Works AG

The Diversifier - a B2B CommTech SaaS - unlocks diversity with inclusive language by detecting unconscious bias in language and supporting companies to develop and consistently apply inclusive language.


ZenOwn is a product assistant platform that gathers all your durable products in one place. Relax & manage your products with ZenOwn – collect invoices, track warranties, insure or sell the products.

Jury Final

Dominique Gruhl-Bégin

Head of Start-ups and Next-Generation Innovators Division, Innosuisse

Gianmaria Sbetta

VCs & Startups at AWS

Raphaël Conz

Head of the Business Unit, Service for the Promotion of the Economy and Innovation (SPEI)

Thomas Dübendorfer

Internet Entrepreneur and Business Angel, President at Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC), Information Security Expert

Experts Semi-Finals

Arijana Walcott

Co-Founder & Managing Shareholder, DART

Eric Schmid

Founder Frontify, Zeeder, Spontacts, LongevityOne and Elevate Partners

Gilles Ghesquière

Angel Investor and CEO of GG Investissements

Isabelle Siegrist

CEO & Founder of Sandborn

Isabelle Tschugmall

CMO, Global Green Xchange

Klea Wenger

Investment Manager, Swisscom Ventures

Olga Peters

Incubation and Startup Engagement Manager, ABB

Raphael Tobler

Co-Founder and President, Entrepreneur Club Winterthur

Silvan Krähenbühl

Entrepreneur, Swisspreneur

Stefan Kyora

Editor in Chief,